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Projektleder i Storkøbenhavn

Would you like to help us in making a significant difference between gathering, controlling, and analyzing energy data from various sources? Do you want to participate in projects that contributes to our zero environmental impact strategy, Circular for Zero? If yes, then you are the new Energy Data Analyst to join our Energy Data Team. Apply now for a life-changing career! The position
As our Energy Data Analyst, you will be part of a professional team, whose priority is to ensure reliable operations to support production for the benefit of our patients. Additionally, you will assist the business in making well-informed and qualified decisions to support the future development of Novo Nordisk. This is achieved through access to both quantified and qualified energy data. You will play a significant role in identifying and removing risk through energy data management. You are expected to be able to create analyses that is backed up by data models to optimize and create synergies across sites in ▶Novo Nordisk◀. Using data, you can simulate and forecast scenarios related to energy to aid in decision-making for future investment projects, which may involve determining the physical locations of sites or the placement of utilities on these sites.
Your tasks consist of, but is not limited to:

  • Collection of data from various sources, including energy production, transmission and consumption. Also included is simulation data and data from predictive models
  • ...